Tranquille Road is named after Chief Pacamoos, who was nicknamed Tranquille. He was known as a man of peace and his silent demeanor. Chief Tranquille had an argument with Samuel Black, the Hudson Bay Company’s Chief Trader. Prior to this, they had been good friends. Chief Tranquille died in his camp in Pavilion shortly after this argument.

The Chief’s widow attributed his death to Black’s influence and aroused her nephew Kiskowskin to retaliate. Kiskowskin visited the Hudson Bay Company Post on February 8, 1841 and shot Black, killing him instantly.

Chief Tranquille’s domain was focused on an inlet of Kamloops Lake, densely populated with Indian winter homes.

Currently called  ORD road, this throughway was the original Tranquille Rd, and Tranquille Rd used to be called Brocklehurst Rd. After the English gentlemen Mr. Brocklehurst. When the first Airport was built The B.C. Minster of Highways wanted to improve the road to the Airport. They renamed it to Tranquille Highway and Ord Rd was named in its place. The tuberculosis sanitarium was built and the road leading to it are named in his Chief Pacamoos’ honour.