Our Stories


We often talk about the depth and passion for our Mutli-cultural DNA on the Shore. Nowhere else in Kamloops was there a higher proportion of international immigrants who came to plant and grow their future in the fertile soils of the North Bank of the Thomson River. We feel tremendous pride of the accomplishments of our forefathers, many of whom still remain on the Shore. In this section we tell the stories of some of our early pioneers, how they helped to build our community, and how we benefit from their hard work, sacrifices and contributions.

Most of this information was pulled together by the kind work of the Kamloops Family History Society, The Kamloops Museum and Archives, Rea=searcher and Author Colleen Stainton, Find-a-Grave and other online resources, and our community residents who have shared their recollections and knowledge of the Shore, from Overlander’s Bridge to Tranquille Farm and all the way up Westside. We hope you enjoy learning about our neighbourhoods.

Alexandra Park

Follow this link to learn about the first Agricultural Show Ground in Kamloops, on the North Shore.

Street Names

Follow this link to learn about how some Street Names came to be, in the North Shore, Batchelor and Westside.

Murals on the Shore

Follow this link to learn about the Murals you will find on the North Shore.

Kamloops Golf and Country Club

The Kamloops Golf and Country club has a deep and rich history, that helped build and promote the sport over the last almost 100 yrs. This overview, sponsored by the Board of the KGCC, highlights some of the milestones of this jewel on
the North Shore.

Bridges of Kamloops

Three successive bridges built over the Thompson River have each symbolized the history and development of the North Shore of Kamloops.  Each bridge was the outcome of considerable pressure on the governments of the time by the area residents to ensure both transportation and economic development.  Read more….

McArthur Island

McArthur Island has been a key jewel in the City of Kamloop’s recreational program crown. this article looks at the humble beginnings from a private space to a world class recreational attraction.  Read more….