Hope and Connection

by Zac Abney

The foundation of any community is the connection to each other and the environment in which we live.

This interactive mural asks the viewer to place themselves within the art work through the use of silhouetted figures as place holders.

Once embedded within the image, the participant is both ingrained into the city (Kamloops) as is illustrated through the topographic map on the left side, while also connected to community through the use of slightly blurred letters along the right side.

Firmly embedded in the middle, the “Family” of participants are looking toward the sunrise, seeking hope and possibility in the future that is realised through the grounding within the community they support.

Garden of Hope

By Ginger Ebbett

There is no greater bond than that between a Mother and Child. This mural captures the metaphor of hope and healing which allows for growth.
As we build / rebuild the North Shore, it is important to remember we are all connected, we all must grow together in respect to each other, our earth and our community.
Like a nurturing mother, community is the culmination of the the support and love we provide.
During these trying times, this mural is hoped to become a beacon of hope for the growth of our community .