The North Shore of Kamloops was built on an influx of multicultural immigration over a hundred years ago. With this influx came a mulitude of international flavours that is reflected in our more than 40 restaurants representing 12 ethnicities. As we continue to grow over the next five years, we will be excited to add more magnificent dining adventures to our plate. When you want to experience your dining adventure, sample new and creative cuisine, we always have a culinary adventure awaiting!

Over 42 Restaurants

A wide variety of savourful, flavourful offerings greet you each day on the Shore. From a simple coffee or tea, to a delicious ethnic meal, served by caring and attentive teams. whichever flavour you are seeking, we likely can satisfy your palette. Check out our Restaurant directory by clicking below:
Savory to sweet, bitter to aromatic; we host a variety of succulent flavours for you to try