Thrupp Street, and Thrupp manor are both named for the Thrupp family.

Mr. Charles Edgar Thrupp was born on 06 June 1863, at Adelaide, Australia. He went on to become a civil engineer and was married to Mrs. Katherine Thrupp of London, England. The couple immigrated to Canada with their children in 1909.

The Thrupp’s were very prominent socially, appearing in Kamloops Newspapers through to 1930.

In his time in Kamloops, Mr. Thrupp was a primary city representative for the Shuswap Power Company. He was elected to the Kamloops Board of Trade on December 10th, 1909 (now the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce),  was president of the Kamloops Chess Club, on the executive of North Kamloops Conservative Association, as well being on the first Farmers Market Committee in 1914.

E.C. Thrupp was a Kamloops area delegate to the Western Canada Irrigation Association meeting at Victoria, January 9th, 1913.  He was also appointed to a sub-committee looking into the desirability of formation of “Water Districts” or “Irrigation Municipalities.”

The Thrupp family lost their house to fire, in the winter of 1912, and the community rallied around them as they rebuilt on the Kamloops Fruitlands.

On February 05, 1921, Mrs. Ketherine Thrupp, wife of Mr. E.C. Thrupp, passed on at the age of fifty years at her North Kamloops Home. The funeral was held at the Thrupp’s residence, in North Kamloops, with services conducted in St. Paul’s Church.

On June 27, 1951, Edgar Charles Thrupp, of 2626 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., died in Coquitlam, B.C. at the age of 88 years

Thrupp Manor, a senior’s home, is also named for the family.  Adrian Thrupp worked for the Dominion Forest Branch and was the director of the city nursery in 1923. He was also one of the first directors of the Kamloops Library Association when it formed in 1928.