Singh Street is named after the Singh family who came to Kamloops in the early 1920’s. Sher Singh was born in 1883 and moved to Kamloops in 1922. He leased 20 acres of land near York Street originally but in 1923 he purchased 10 acres on Tranquille Road which he called Asparagus Place.

Sher cut wood in the winter for the Royal Inland Hospital and grew vegetables in the summer. In 1940 he started the Fish Lake Lumber Company business which lasted until 1943. He then developed the Punjab Lumber Company at McConnell Lake. In 1944 he started a planer mill at Halston. From 1944 to 1948 he resided with his family at Singh Street where he bought approximately 50 acres of land for his vegetable farm. Sher was the founder of the Sikh Church in Brocklehurst. He died in 1972. Thakkar Singh was a tomato farmer in the Brocklehurst area where Singh Street is located.