Schubert Drive is named after Augustus and Catherine Schubert.

In 1862, the discovery of Gold in British Columbia BC instigated a mass migration of redesints, speculators and business people from eastern Canada and the US. A group formed at Fort Carry and the Overlanders (as they were known) set out in June 1862 in three brigades. It was comprised of 220 men, 1 pregnant woman and her small children. This group headed west in search of gold. The woman, Catherine Schubert, a dominant character who accompanied her husband Augustus.

At Tete Jeune Cache, the party divided with the majority descending the Fraser River by raft and canoe. Thirty-six people, including the Schuberts planned to go down the North Thompson with 130 head of horses and cattle. Catherine Schubert’s baby was born in the village at Kamloops soon after their raft arrived. The child. Rose, was the first white infant born in Kamloops.