History of Fulton field and John “Moose” Fulton

Kamloops Airport is also known as Fulton Field and is named for John Fulton, son of well-known turn of the last century lawyer, Frederick John Fulton and brother of Alexander, Frederick J, and E. D. “Davie” Fulton.  John Fulton was the first commander of RCAF 419 Bomber Squadron.  He was also the most highly decorated Kamloopsian to serve in the Second World War.

He was raised on West Nicola Street and attended high school at Kamloops Secondary School where he was given the nickname of “Moose”.  In 1931, at the age of 19, he obtained his pilot’s license in California.  He later joined the Royal Air Force and was posted to the bomber squadron in Egypt, and eventually stationed in England.

Between 1935 and 1940, he was promoted from a pilot officer to: flying officer, bomber pilot, test pilot, squadron leader and commander.  In the course of his service, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Force Cross and, following his death in battle at age 29 on July 29, 1942, the Distinguished Service Order.

The airfield at Kamloops was named after him on May 29, 1944 with the then Governor General of Canada, Earl of Athlone in attendance.

Information obtained from files in the Kamloops Museum and Archives (photograph #4280 of John Fulton), article in Kamloops this Week (June 27, 2019) and Ancestry.ca.