Emanuel David Bossert was born in Bessarabia, Romania in 1918 and came to Canada with his parents and siblings in 1928/29. They lived for a time in parts of Alberta.  On arriving in the Kamloops region, he settled in the Brocklehurst area.  Emanuel was a WWII veteran, orchardist/farmer, builder, business owner, and DND firefighter during his lifetime.

He married Elizabeth Katarius in 1941 in Kamloops.  After a time in Victoria, they returned to Kamloops in 1966 and began ranching at Monte Lake, B.C. He and Elizabeth retired to Oliver, B.C. in 1997; and he returned to Kamloops in 2009 where he died on Jan 19, 2014.

Herbert Mark Bossert, likely the brother of Emanuel David Bossert was born in 1923 in Hoffnungstal, Romania and immigrated to Canada in 1928/29.   It is not clear when he landed up in Kamloops; however, between 1962 and 1974, he is listed on voters lists as a boiler man, carpenter and building contractor. He passed away September 30, 2013 survived by his second wife, Betty (first wife Barbara predeceased in 1983), three sons, a daughter and four stepchildren.

**Kamloops This Week notes “Bossert Avenue in Brocklehurst is named for Herbert Bossert, who owns nearly everything in the area after it was sold by B.C. Fruitlands “. Kamloops Museum and Archives.